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The community shows it's interestedThe planning design info is now up at the North Lanarkshire Council’s website and they are asking for public objections. You can access the application here –


The main objection we at the trust have here is that moving the zoning of the house from commercial to residential could be disastrous for the house. There is not details of a contingency plan if the houses don’t sell (in this environment that is by no means certain) or if the new owners decide not to pay to keep up the grounds. One owner with no direction has been bad enough in the past but splitting it in 10 could cause all sorts of legal issues.

There is also very little contingency for public access and we’d be at the mercy for 10 owners as to whether we could even see this jewel in North Lanarkshire’s crown.

The developer has point blank refused to give us an idea of the level of funding that would be needed to secure the house before they start work. We have a number of both public and private avenues to secure funding with a couple of really strong possibilities but none will offer us a blank cheque book obviously so the community involvement is stalling until the developer will give us the decency of at least speaking to us.

CHB (the developers) have already stated publically that they are not in this for the community or even for the house – they are purely in this for the money (not a bad thing really but sad when the community has rallied so strongly this year).

Please take a look at our website www.cumbernauldhousetrust.org.uk if you are not sure how to word your objection or take a look at the objections already on there.

This literally takes 5 minutes of your time and if you feel strongly about the house, the community, the town then this is your time to really help out.  Please go on and object but do try to put up a reason such as the rezoning issue we mentioned. An objection with no reason why is not seen as a proper objection.

We have a form objections here –

Objection form template

Please bear in mind that to object you need more than just public opinion so please feel free to use this as a template for your objection be it online or offline but please bear in mind that it needs to have a reason other than the fact the public objects.


About cumbernauldhouse

To save and preserve Cumbernauld House and allow Public Access to this piece of our National Heritage.


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