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Open Letter to North Lanarkshire Council

Just wanted to share a letter that went to NLC  councillors today.

Councillors Maginnis, Brooks, Taggart and McKenna,

I just wanted to share with you some public opinion on your behavior yesterday at the hearing around Cumbernauld House.  Maybe what you should be remembering in these instances is that you are in public and that your behavior is a reflection of the constituents you were elected to represent.

Please have a look at some of the comments here –


This is based on the following posting –


This information is not just posted locally but is being consumed nationally and internationally.  You have to realize that you were not dealing with elected politicians but with people trying to do their best for their community.  For you to use ridicule tactics and frankly to employ the debating methods you did was abysmal.  What you also have to realize is that you were dealing with professional people who are used to working and acting in a professional manner.  Your tactics were anything but…

You treated this hearing like it was a joke.  You treated the house plans like they were an extension to a terraced house (not even bothering to read anything set out in front of you).  The planning team that you put so much stead in actually advised us beforehand that the financial viability WAS  a material aspect of the proposal and then changed their minds on the day (Councillor Johnston has the details in writing) but for you to have been so ill prepared on the day was embarrassing.  Councillor Taggart referring to Colzium house (which is a council property) was farcical.

I realize that this has absolutely no bearing on the house itself but I hope next time you are called in public to represent your constituents that you have a good look at yourselves and perhaps behave in a more professional manner.  I am copying in the leader of the council here as if I had behaved in this manner I’d expect my superior to be informed and for him/her to take action against this type of juvenile nonsense.  The councilors from Cumbernauld (across parties) tried to emphasize to you the importance of this debate but you chose to ignore your colleagues and treat it with contempt.  If this is the way that our council is run then perhaps the public should be shining more of a light on your affairs and we can see how you conduct yourselves more often.  You forgot fully yesterday that you are a public servant.  This is not about you this is about the public and your behavior was not how I would like to be reflected nor is it how your own constituents would like to be seen.

This mailing has nothing to do with your decision but with your conduct and I hope you can look to that.

Thank you.

Robert McAllen, MInstF

Chair, Cumbernauld House Trust Group

Cumbernauld House Trust group

52 Ben Nevis Way



G68 9JA



About cumbernauldhouse

To save and preserve Cumbernauld House and allow Public Access to this piece of our National Heritage.


One thought on “Open Letter to North Lanarkshire Council

  1. I am thoroughly disappointed that our elected few and the council that are supposed to protect the interests of the Scottish society now and in the future hae not bothered and showed such disdain for us.

    Falkirk Council have an excellent example of how a house like Cumbernauld House should work for the future.

    Posted by Fiona Ogg | April 1, 2011, 6:00 pm

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