Our Purpose

The trust is dedicated to the community of Cumbernauld.  Originally set up with the ideal of restoring Cumbernauld House to public ownership and helping to address the poor image of the town.  After Cumbernauld House was purchased by a developer the trust has maintained a watching brief on the house and is exploring other projects within the town which can further public education and pride in the town we call home. 

Details of the draft business plan can be accessed from the link below –

Cumbernauld House Trust Business Plan

Our constitution is here –

Cumbernauld House Trust constitution

You can find full details of our charitable status here.

Our charitable objects are –

  1. To advance citizenship and community spirit, positive citizenship and the engagement of the residents of Cumbernauld.
  2. To advance citizenship in Cumbernauld by promoting the development of Cumbernauld, outlining the priorities, aspirations, issues and concerns of Cumbernauld residents in relation to resources, facilities and services through consultation with individuals, groups and communities of interest in Cumbernauld.
  3. To advance the heritage of Cumbernauld by working to protect, conserve and improve the environment of Cumbernauld on a sustainable model, development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the abilities of future generations, for the benefit of the residents of Cumbernauld
  4. To advance citizenship in Cumbernauld by working to support, develop and promote opportunities for social, recreational, sport and leisure activity and the development of community facilities and resources in Cumbernauld to meet the needs of the community.
  5. To advance education for the residents of Cumbernauld by promoting and increasing training and learning opportunities.


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